Message From the Chair

Dear Shareholders:

At Definity, our ambition is to be one of Canada’s leading and most innovative P&C insurers by helping our clients and communities adapt and thrive, and in the process to generate long-term value for shareholders. Our Board of Directors plays an integral role in achieving those objectives by setting direction and by guiding management of the company as we hold them accountable for setting plans and achieving them. That role and oversight is fundamental to our future success as a public company.

Our Board and Executive Leadership Team are unwavering advocates for the long-term interests of our company, its shareholders, and its other stakeholders. Effective decision-making and demonstrating our ability to perform is aided by and enhanced through constantly reviewing and implementing corporate governance practices that are appropriate for our context.

We set high standards for ourselves and are committed to high levels of transparency and integrity in all we do.

John Bowey
Board Chair